OpenMPI vs virtual network interfaces

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OpenMPI vs virtual network interfaces

Lev Givon
I recently discovered that the presence of idle virtual network interfaces
(e.g., created by Docker or other virtualization/container systems) on one's
system can interfere with the normal operation of OpenMPI (and hence
Neurokernel). This is evidently because the tcp component in OpenMPI attempts to
maximize data bandwidth by using all visible network interfaces by default; you
need to either remove such interfaces or explicitly tell OpenMPI to only use
specific interfaces via the btl_tcp_if_include MCA option. Currently, such
changes require manual modification of one of the source files; a suitable
configuration mechanism should be added in the future [1].

[1] https://github.com/neurokernel/neurokernel/issues/53
Lev Givon
Bionet Group | Neurokernel Project

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